Koku the unicorn and Kumi the magical cloud live in a world filled with imagination where rainbow meets colorful skies, unicorns, and clouds come to life! All of that made possible, by the will of magic. The two magical creatures have been pouring their hearts out and creating magical essence bits by bits since they met each other.

They started spreading magic with lots of spark of love to the universe. These bits of magic they have been making are called Drops of Magic. They create these with so much love because they both believe that something so little, could mean so much.

Every single person in this universe has wishes, and magic is the secret ingredient that makes wishes come true. KOKUMI is a drink that enchants anyone who drinks it, made from teeny-tiny little droplets, in home that it will be served as a beverage that could grant people their wishes; be it health, wealth, and any kinds of wishful abundance.

These two magical fellows believe that their 'Drops of Magic' can carry people to be closer and more affectionate. That is why they are wandering around to find heavenly ingredients made from the purest form of love to create a healthy yet ravishing liquid of glee, so that sadness, loneliness, and sorrow will easily be shaken off from this dazzling realm.

By all means, KOKUMI is the missing puzzle to universe's needs of 'Drops of Magic' in their quest of discovering love and bliss.