Sure, sure our Okinawa is the greatest! But, have you ever tasted these unusual drinks? Well, if you haven't, there's no harm in trying these super yummy refreshing delicious yum-yum drinks! You can thank us later~

This particular drink is inspired by the collaboration between 88Rising and KOKUMI. Well, look at that drink! Don't you feel icy already just by seeing it? With strawberry puree, Indian mango, and blue tea as its main ingredients, these drinks will be the perfect refreshments for you to drink in a sunny sunny day. If you take a sip of this drink, you will feel the ice and some sweet sour taste running softly through your throat and landed safely in your tummy, yum, how delightful!

There are two kinds of Cold Brew Tea; Peach and Lychee! If you can't choose whether you have to drink sweets or some healthy drinks today...well, choose this because you'll get both! These taste too awesome to be true! You can try them both or just the one that has fruit that you like the most! These drinks consist of green tea, fruit syrups, and of course the fresh fruits! So, besides experiencing the freshness of these drinks, you can also taste the healthiness in these.

If you're a fan of KOKUMI's Coffee Series, you have to try this one, guaranteed you'l love this one! Coffee mixed with mint is a superb combo--such a good drink to start your day to accompany your activity. Besides coffee and mint, this awesome beverage is also topped with macchiato. Ready to try this one?

Another one from KOKUMI's Coffee Series, Caramel Latte! Can't choose between sweets and coffee? Say no more! KOKUMI can give you the best version of them both. This drink is the perfect combination of coffee, caramel, and fresh milk. So, you will get both the sweet and the beautiful bitter of a coffee in this drink. Get this drink and you will be ready to go!

KOKUMI is very well-known for its healthy drink, if you love fresh sour drink and you're deeply in love with kiwi, you gotta try this one! This drink is the splendid mix of fresh kiwi and topped with KOKUMI's special macchiato and shaken with fresh yogurt. Yum! You'll get the delicious taste and the healthy taste in one sip!

So, aren't you curious with these drinks? Let's try it now!